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The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide

  • 4 min read

Christmas is right around the corner, and time is running out to find the perfect gift for those you love! Hundreds of issues make everyday life way more complicated than it needs to be. Then, kids and pets make life even more chaotic! 

If someone you know struggles to keep their car clean or garage organized, you will want to consider anUrban Transit™ product – specifically crafted to solve these everyday problems! Read below to find out which gift would be perfect for your loved one this Christmas. 

For Project Lovers

If a project is big enough, the fun has to stop when the sun goes down due to lack of light. Urban Transit offers a variety of work lights (that are all portable) to keep the fun going. 

TheRotating + Rechargeable POD Light has a magnetic base for you to attach anywhere with metal – a car’s hood, the fridge, etc. It is water-resistant, so if you work outside and it gets damp out, there’s no need to worry. Rechargeable and ready for any project, this POD Light is a perfect gift. 

TheEdge Pocket Light + Stylus is perfect for messy projects. Shaped like a heavy-duty pen but is a stylus and clicks to turn the light on and off. When you have paint or grease on your hands, you can still answer a phone call or click on a DIY video tutorial with the stylus without getting your screen messy. Plus, the light is super-strong, and you can direct it in any direction you need – it’s literally at your fingertips! 

Another issue that can arise from a project is a sore back. If you are an Urban Transit™ member, you probably have heard of our FastBack Shop Stool. This stool has three-inch Pro-Glide rolling casters for easy travel, a padded seat, and a super-convenient storage tray. 

And now, you can upgrade it with the FastBack Plus Piece for even more lumbar support. Its strong steel arm, breathable back, and support plate that attaches under your seat is the ultimate way to up your project game – comfortably.

For Those Always On The Go

Being busy is stressful enough – and nowadays, everyone seems busy all the time. Reduce some of that stress by knowing that everything you need is with you. 

How do you do that? With Urban Transit’s car organizing products, it’s easy! 

The Trunk Organizer is the perfect way to store everything from blankets to food in your car. With a non-slip base and reinforced PE board panels, you can trust that your trunk organizer will stay upright and sturdy. The compartments can expand and change to fit the right amount of stuff you need to hold! This is particularly great for parents – keep all the kids' things in one spot and never worry about having to run home when you forget something! 

Busy pet owners will be grateful for this gift: the Pet Bench Seat Cover! It covers your entire backseat to protect your seats from scratches and muddy paws, and is uniquely crafted with 300D cationic fabric that is easily washable and fights fur, grime, and dirt! It is easy to install, has extra storage pockets, and is a great way to keep your pet safe while on the journey. 

For Car Owners (Who Don’t Love the Snow)

It’s still full-on winter, and it could be for a while. A white Christmas is magical, but a frosted-over car most definitely is not. Urban Transit’sFrostGuard® line provides all kinds of products to help fight frost – and if someone you love hates the frustration snow can bring, any product from this line will make for a perfect gift. 

Urban Transit recently released the all-newScrape Buddy product, so you can easily scrape snow off your windshield with a smile! It is made with laser-cut acrylic and a ten-degree edge to get snow off any of your windows or windshield quickly. Plus, it comes with a sleeve for more comfort and warmth when you hold the scraper. Brighten up someone's winter morning with this perfect Christmas gift – affordable and practical all in one! 

We also offerScrape Baby, the same product, just smaller with a keychain. Keep it on your keys for any last-minute in-case-of-emergency scraping! 

The Rechargeable Hand Warmer and Power Bank is another great gift idea from ourFrostGuardproduct line. Unlike one-time use hand warmers that lose their heat after a short period of time, this hand warmer has three different heat settings, vibrates to increase blood flow, and can last up to ten hours! Plus, there is a port to charge your device while on the go. This gift is great for an adventurous loved one – exploration doesn’t have to stop in winter. Keep on this winter with warmth always at your fingertips! 

For Parents Whose Kids Play Outdoor Sports 

Urban Transit Portable Mini Fridge

The Urban Transit Portable Mini Fridge is the perfect way to last the whole day at an outdoor sports game. This Mini Fridge stands out from the rest – it’s portable, gets cold – and hot – and can be charged in the car. 

Cold outside? Keep warm food or hot coffee with you. Is summer on the horizon? Keep it cold, and always have a refreshing drink on hand. Give this gift to someone knowing that it will get used year-round!

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