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5 Crucial Tips to Successfully Take on Winter – From Your Car

  • 3 min read

You need to prepare for this winter – it is so easy to forget how cold it actually gets. And with the cold comes potential damage to your car and problematic situations for you. If you have a car, you need to check out these tips and tricks to keep it in tip-top shape this winter while keeping safe and warm!

Check the Weather

Frostguard Winter Windshield Cover

First and foremost, it is impossible to prepare if what’s coming is unknown! If a snow storm is rolling in, try and find a place more sheltered to park, or secure yourFrostGuard® Windshield Cover on the car to keep the snow from freezing over the windows. 

Also, avoiding getting stuck on the roads in unsafe driving conditions is critical. It can lead to poor vision resulting in car accidents and potentially severe circumstances. If you do get stuck in a snow storm, try and find the next safest place – that isn’t on the road! 

Invest in Hand Warmers

FrostGuard Rechargeable Handwarmer

Hand warmers are not just for skiers on the slopes. Invest in an efficient rechargeable hand warmer to have on you at all times!  

Urban Transit™ offers a one-of-a-kindRechargeable Hand Warmer and Power Bank that contains three separate heat settings and a vibration feature to help get the blood flowing through your hands quicker. It secures sturdily to your wrist with its lanyard strap and includes a power bank to plug in a mobile device and get it charging! 

If your phone dies, but you need directions, there is no need to stress! This hand warmer will get it charged and get you where you need to go. If you are going to be outside for a while, take this warmer with you to keep warm during your venture out of the car – it is perfectly portable and can last up to ten hours! 

Never Pour Hot Water Over a Frozen Windshield 

Scrape Buddy

. . . unless you want a cracked windshield. Extreme temperature changes can cause serious damage to the glass on your car. 

If your windows are frosted over, you are much better off scraping off what you can and waiting for the defrosters and heat settings of the car to take care of it. It may take longer, but it will save you all the money you’d have to spend on a windshield replacement! 

Grab Extra Blankets

Dog in Blanket

Don’t you love when you are cold and pull a blanket out of the dryer when it is still warm? If you want to up your game, consider a heated blanket! Find one that can plug into your car, and let it work its magic. Or, keep some fuzzy fleece blankets in the back. Any extra layers are better than nothing! 

In icy conditions, getting the car warm and safe to drive can take some time. Plus, if road conditions get bad and you need to pull off for a while, you will avoid the shivering madness and be ready to drive when the storm clears up! 

Keep Rock Salt In the Trunk

If you are stuck in the snow, don’t hit the gas hard and spin your tires quickly – it will make it worse and harder to get out. 

Rock salt is very handy in a situation such as this. Start by getting as much snow out and away from the tires. Once there is room, pour rock salt in front of and around the tires to allow the tires to gain traction and get moving. 

On any winter journey, it is common for cars to get stuck in the snow, and being prepared for it is always a smart move!

Stay Organized

Keeping a bunch of stuff in the car can lead to clutter. Check out theUrban Transit Trunk Organizer to keep everything you need secure and in order! 

Durable, secure, and uniquely made, this trunk organizer will keep all your winter necessities neat and in one spot. Its rugged design gives it three compartments and a non-slip base to keep everything from rolling around during the drive. Plus, its 300D cationic fabric allows for a super easy clean! Keep it for the cold months, and then change out your necessities for the spring. If you need the trunk for a more oversized item, simply fold the organizer down into its super small, compact size. This trunk organizer is prepared for anything and can handle it all.

There are specific tools we should always keep in the car in case of emergency! For more tips on what to keep in the car,read our blog,Every Car Should Have These Emergency Items in the Trunk!