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Stop Going Out! Try These Family Game Night Ideas at Home

  • 2 min read

Constantly planning things for the family gets tiring, and going out on the weekends gets expensive. Exhaustion and spending unnecessary money certainly does not make for a fun time with family. 

Instead, save money and have a fun night playing games at home! The following games will guarantee an enjoyable and no-stress night.


This is a numbers game, but it’s not as complicated as you may think, so don’t turn away yet! The main idea is that every player has tiles with numbers on them (and a wild tile here and there). The goal is to get rid of all your tiles by putting them together in different number and pattern formations. 

The Game of Life

As someone grows up, there are a lot of decisions that person needs to make. Will you go to college? How will you spend your money? Do you want a family? In The Game of Life, you can play out all these decisions. The objective is to collect what the game calls “LIFE tiles” and to make money.


Looking for a game to take up some time? Monopoly is your answer! The main objective is to buy different properties and make money. You keep playing until everyone is bankrupt except for one person! This game takes strategy – and sure is a good time. You can also look into themed Monopoly boards for added fun and to mix it up! 


Love spelling? This game is for you. The goal here is to gain points by spelling unique words across the table (similar to a crossword-style formation). Certain letters and formations have more points than others – so get creative and think out of the box for which words to spell! 


A murder mystery board game! Every player will take turns moving around the game board and collecting clues. The objective is to figure out who the killer is, where it took place, and what the weapon was. As a player, your job is to solve the case before everyone else! 


Ready to get up and move around a bit? This is an excellent game if you’ve been sitting for a few minutes too long. Lay the game mat on the ground (carpet is a better option in case you fall). Then, one person takes the spinning wheel and spins it. Spin until you get a limb and a color. Everyone must place that limb on a circle of that color on the mat. Keep going until everyone is all twisted up! 


With this game, someone will pick a card out of the pile that has a word on it. Then, you have to guess what that word is based on their drawing of it. A great thing about this game is that you can make your own cards if you don’t have the actual board game. Everyone can write down different words on cards and throw them into a bowl. This game is simple, and no matter how old you are, you’ll have fun!

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