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The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Car Lovers

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Does your significant other love their car? But also struggle with organization? Finding the motivation to clean your vehicle can be a hassle, yet somehow it can get messy so fast. No one enjoys getting in their car with a to-go cup and realizing there is no open cup holder to hold their drink. And no one loves leftover grime stuck to their seats from a past adventure.

Get the person you love a gift to keep their ride looking sleek and ready for any journey. It’s much easier to do than you think. . .as long as you have some Urban Transit™ products to keep your car organized and clean! 

Does Your Significant Other Have a Pet?

Pet Booster Seat for Car

And do they love bringing their pets for drives? From now on, they can bring their pet, no matter the size, along for a drive while also ensuring seat protection (and less vacuuming of fur). Urban Tranist™ offers different types of pet products, and these two are perfect options. 

First, the Pet Booster Seat is ideal for smaller pets who love the front seat. The built-in 300D cationic fabric and PVC-backed lining keep seats free from mess and make the product easy to clean. It is super easy to secure and has the spot to connect a pet's harness for extra security if wanted. The removable fleece keeps pets comfortable, and the entire product will make anyone’s life much easier when they travel with their companion! 

Or, if your loved one’s pet is a bit bigger, consider the Pet Bucket Seat Cover. It’s made with the same 300D cationic fabric and heavy-duty polyester in the Pet Booster Seat. However, this product covers the entire passenger seat (even the headrest). It has a super simple installation process and holds taught against any car seat. Let the seat cover get full of mud and fur, and protect the actual seat. Your significant other will love how easy it is to clean and will thank you for the car's added sleek and stylish look. Riding with the pet will be better than ever.

Are You a Parent?

Urban Transit Trunk Organizer

If you and your loved one have kids, then get a gift that both of you can use and benefit from. Being a parent means constantly being on the go – and often forgetting things. 

The Trunk Organizer will solve all of your problems as a busy parent. This product is rugged, collapsable, and makes for the most organized car you could ever have. Make up to three compartments, and secure it safely with its non-slip base. Keep extra clothes, food, diapers, or anything else you may need as a busy parent safe in the trunk of your car. You’ll save time and energy not having to run back and forth from home to get things before rushing off to the next activity! 

But what about food and snacks you need to keep cold? You don’t have to run home to get those either…

The Urban Transit Portable Mini Fridge is not only the perfect size for daily snacks and food but is entirely portable. You can even charge it in the car if you have an extra long day. Keep it cool or warm it up to keep a hot meal toasty. Two color options, two shelves, and a heavy-duty handle to carry it – your spouse will seriously love this convenience! 

It’s Inevitable…A Car Will Get Dirty Eventually

Rolling Car Wash Stool

And, when it does happen, keep everything safe in one spot and ready to go, so the cleaning process is quick! 

The Rolling Car Wash Stool is the perfect product to get your significant other, no matter how messy they are! With a five-gallon bucket, a super-comfortable seat, and great storage, your partner can keep anything they need to clean all in one spot. You won’t waste time running around the house getting all the required materials – it will all be in one place. Plus, it has robust three-inch casters that make gliding anywhere, over any surface, super easy! 

Urban Transit offers a wide array of car products that make life easier and solve everyday problems. For more options and ideas, check out or our News + Events page. You’ll find exploration ideas, product descriptions, and much more!


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