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The Best Heavy-Duty Products to Fight Off Any Winter Storm

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Urban Transit™ offers several one-of-a-kind products to keep your car fighting off this season’s winter storms. Each product from our FrostGuard® line is unique, but all are ruggedly and innovatively made to get the job done, unlike any other frost-fighting products. Get them now, before it’s too late! 

Superior Ice Protection for Your Car

FrostGuard Winter Windshield Cover

We offer many products on ourFrostGuard line, so before we lay them out for you, let us first tell you why you need them.

If you are a car-owner living somewhere with winter snow, you must know the frustration of running late and wasting even more time waiting for your car to defrost. You must have experienced the annoyance of getting snow on your clothes as you struggle to scrape it off your car windows. Door handles can freeze shut, side view mirrors can freeze over, and your hands can go numb trying to get all the snow off yourself. 

With Urban Transit’s FrostGuard product line, you will never, ever have to experience these inconveniences again. 

Getting Snow Off Your Windshield, Minus the Hassle

The way this product works is simple. All you do is pull the heavy-duty cover out of its – free, included, and convenient – bag and lay it over your car’s front windshield. On the sides, you’ll find firm flaps.  Close those into your doors to help with security and strength against strong winds. On the sides, you’ll feel the sewn-in PVC poles – make sure those are on the ends of the windshield and pulled tightly apart to ensure the cover sits firmly on the windshield. 

The fabric of FrostGuard Windshield Covers is heavy-duty polyester backed with PVC lining. This design creates a snow and water-resistant protection layer to cover your entire windshield. So, when you wake up the morning after a snow storm and need to get somewhere, all you have to do is take off your FrostGuard Windshield Cover, shake the snow and ice off of it, store it in your quick-drying pouch, and go! 

This product completely frees you from scraping frost off your windshield and waiting for the defrosters to work. 

Here are your options:

FrostGuard Go 

FrostGuard Go

This version is sixty-one by thirty-two inches and is the most portable of all the FrostGuard Windshield Covers. There are two flaps to secure in your doors – that’s it! No long PVC pipes that you can’t fold up small, and no other steps in securing it or taking it off. It is simple, comes in one size, and is made for you to take on the go.

FrostGuard Plus Windshield Cover 

FrostGuard Plus Winter Windshield Cover

This cover does not get quite as compact, but there is more to it. We offer Standard and XL sizes and three color options for this version so you can find your car’s perfect fit. Two small flaps to secure in your car doors and two long PVC pipes – each on one side of the cover – sit firmly on your windshield, pulling the cover tight. The main plus to this version is that it includes additional pouches to cover your side-view mirrors and extends long enough to fully protect your windshield wipers. 

FrostGuard Deluxe Windshield Cover 

FrostGuard Deluxe Winter Windshield Cover

With this version, you’ll get two sizes to choose from and everything else the other two come with – but you will also get strong elastic straps that secure over your side-view mirrors to create a more robust and wind-resistant cover. Plus, you have the option to choose from six different color options. 

Keep Hindsight 20/20 with the FrostGuard Rear Window Cover

TheFrostGuard Rear Window Cover comes in both Sedan and SUV sizes and secures a bit differently than the front windshield covers.

The main build is the same with weather-resistant capabilities, but instead of securing it in your doors, you’ll connect it with your tires or handles. On both sides of the cover are adjustable elastic and two large, heavy-duty rubber hooks for you to attach to the inside of your tires or door handles. 

Car sizes vary, so we made hooks that can secure tightly in either spot so you can get it to fit your vehicle as perfectly as possible. 

You will also receive a storage bag with your purchase, making it convenient to store and take on the go if needed! 

Truck Through Winter with Deluxe Tow Mirror Covers

Deluxe Tow Mirro Covers

Calling all truck owners! At twenty by fourteen inches long, you’ll find that theseDeluxe Tow Mirror Covers are what your truck needs in the middle of a snow storm. 

All you have to do is slide the product over your mirror and tighten the locking barrel clasp to keep it secure. These mirror covers are built with the same water-resistant materials and were innovatively catered to fit larger side-view mirrors. 

This is your best solution to fighting snow, ice, and frost off your mirrors!

Door Handle Covers that Will Help You Get a Grip on Winter

FrostGuard Winter Door Handle Cover

Once your windshields are protected, and your side-view mirrors are covered, it’s time to think about your door handles. Because, even if you can get your car’s windows and mirrors free of snow in a matter of seconds, it won't matter if you can’t get in the car due to frozen door handles. 

The versatileFrostGuard Door Handle Covers are weather-resistant, made of durable polypropylene, and universally fit over any door handle. All you have to do is push the cover on right above the door handle and let it work its magic. 

No more cold hands as you try to scrape ice away from the door handles, and no more frustration when you’re in a rush but can’t get going! These door handles come in a two-pack and are perfectly portable! 

Keep Warmth at Your Fingertips with a Rechargeable Hand Warmer 

FrostGuard Hand Warmer

This hand-warmer is unlike any other – with three different heat settings, a charge that can last up to 10 hours, and a vibrating feature for blood flow, your hands will never be warmer! 

Keep it securely to your wrist with its rugged lanyard wrist strap, and charge your mobile device on the go with its built-in power bank. 

You can find the heat setting that is just perfect for you, stay warm, and bring your Urban TransitRechargeable Hand Warmer and Power-Bank with you anywhere to ensure warm hands at all times – even during the freezing cold winter! 

Stay Guarded this Winter

As we said, these products will keep your car in tip-top shape and safe from winter storms while also keeping your car rides convenient and ensuring you make it on time for where you need to go. 

Below, you’ll find all our products listed again with links to their individual product pages, so you can make the best-informed decision about which of these you want. You can also scroll to the bottom of any product page for honest customer reviews. Our products are Built for The Journey™, and we want to join you on yours. 

Products and Their Pages

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