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FrostGuard® Fun Collection

Size: Standard
Color: Country Music
Bad Boys
Bad Moms Club
Chilling with Gnomies
Coffee + Jesus
Country Music
God Bless America
Mother of the Year
Rock & Roll
Scraping Skeleton
Snowboarding Skeleton
Space Cat
The Free & The Brave
Too Cold!
Yoga Dog

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The Urban Transit Promise

Give your FrostGuard® personality! Protect yourself this winter and have fun at the same time. 

  • WINDSHIELD COVERAGE | The frost windshield cover reduces the need to scrape or de-ice your vehicle and prevents your windshield and wiper blades from freezing. With two sizes and featuring the Fit-Fast® elastic straps, you can find the perfect balance of a snug fit and great coverage against wintery elements.

  • WEATHER RESISTANT CONSTRUCTION | Durable polyester backed with a weather-resistant PVC lining to make it stick-resistant. Side poles hold the snow and ice screen taught against your windshield to prevent it from flapping in the wind.
  • QUICK-DRY STORAGE POUCH | Remove the ice windshield cover, roll it up, and slide it into the pouch to prevent a soggy back seat; Side poles fold down for added convenience and easy storage.

  • FUN DESIGNS Rock your FrostGuard® with one of these cool designs.
  • ONE-YEAR WARRANTY | You can trust FrostGuard®, the leading winter windshield cover, to hold up against the fiercest of winter weather. If you have any trouble, our Nashville-based customer service team is standing by to help.
Standard Dimensions 59" x 41"
Standard Weight 2.2 lbs.
XL Dimensions 68" x 41"
XL Weight 2.6 lbs.
Fabric Material 300D Polyester + PVC backing
Strap Material Elastic
Instruction & Manual Link: Manuals & Guides
How do I ensure that my FrostGuard does not get stolen? The Security Panels are designed to tuck into each car door so that you can lock your vehicle and prevent theft.
Can I use my FrostGuard during the summer as a sun blocker? No, the FrostGuard will absorb heat, making the car hotter. It has PVC backing and the recommended upper temperature limit is 140 F. That’s why we have a summer version called the SolarGuard!
Will my FrostGuard stick to my windshield after ice and snow? No, your FrostGuard is intentionally designed with a nonstick backing.