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Handwarmers that Work Better than the Rest

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We need our hands for everything, and our hands always seem to freeze in the winter because of it – it is the worst! But, this winter season you can keep your hands warm all winter long with the Urban Transit™ Rechargeable Hand Warmer and Power-Bank! Unlike one-time use hand warmers that only last for an hour and are expensive to buy, this hand warmer is uniquely made to last up to ten hours, can switch to three different settings, and can even charge your mobile device with the built-in power bank. If you don’t think that you needed a handwarmer, or are on the fence about getting one, read below for six sweet ways you could use it!  

Drinking Coffee in the Morning

FrostGuard Handwarmer Coffee Cup

Wake up, sit on your front porch, and breathe the crisp air. Except, when you finish your coffee and nothing keeps you warm anymore, your time outside gets cut short. This handwarmer can quickly replace your warm cup of coffee to keep your hands toasty – take in the morning as long as you want to!

Going for a Walk

Cold weather shouldn’t keep you from taking a nice stroll down the street. You’ll naturally warm up a bit when your body moves due to the increased blood circulation. But your hands might still freeze up a bit. By keeping this handwarmer in your pocket, you’ll avoid that uncomfortable cold-hands feeling.

Taking Pictures

Outdoor Snow Selfie - Stay Warm with FrostGuard Rechargeable Handwarmer

Kids love running around in the snow, and while some parents do too, it is also essential to watch the kids, focus on keeping them safe, take pictures, and enjoy the lovely snowy day. With bulky gloves, typing on your phone or clicking the right button on a camera can be difficult. To get great pictures, and keep your hands warm, avoid the hassle of taking gloves on and off by simply keeping this handwarmer in your pocket. Just stick your hands in your pockets for instant warmth when you're not actively taking a photo.

In the Car

After waking up in your cozy bed, having a warm cup of coffee, and bundling up before heading out the door, the last thing you want is to sit in a freezing cold car while waiting for it to heat up. Turn on your handwarmer a couple of moments before you leave for your vehicle and bring it with you – while you are waiting for your car to heat up, hold onto your handy-dandy hand warmer to help you keep warm.

Charging Your Mobile Device

FrostGuard Rechargeable Handwarmer and USB Charger

A huge plus to this hand warmer is its built-in charger. So, you will always have access to an outlet anywhere you are. This feature is especially great when you have busy days and do not have much time to hang out at home. Never worry about running out of battery, and take on the day!

In Case of Emergency

If your car breaks down, your ride falls through and can’t pick you up, or you accidentally get locked out of the house, you will need to stay warm somehow – especially in winter! While figuring out your game plan, your portable hand warmer will help keep the shivers away.

Don’t stop there – Urban Transit offers all kinds of frost-fighting products to help you stay warm and make life in the winter easier. Check out our entire FrostGuard­® product line for more!

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