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Eliminate All Those Cluttered Cleaning Car Supplies

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When we hear about a problem, it is in our solution-oriented nature to create the perfect solution for it. And we heard how dog fur, spilled juices from kids, and car seat stains are a constant problem for parents. So we created many products to address these problems, and 300D cationic fabric is part of our many designs – due to its unique and rugged design to keep grime away! 

Why 300D Cationic Fabric is Easy-to-Clean

300D cationic fabric is a polyester material with a positive charge. This means that it repels fur, grime, and mess, unlike a standard cotton material that takes multiple washes and a lint roller to clean. 

For example, after a long day in the car with the dog, you can shake out most of the fur on the products and save time by not washing fur-infested blankets. It has various uses, and we knew it would make for an easy clean-up with kids and pets in particular – so we took it a step further in our remarkable products!

How We Implement the Fabric into Our Designs

Urban Transit Quality Materials

Our Backseat Organizer is an excellent example of a product built with this grime-fighting fabric. 

The Backseat Organizer has everything from water bottle pockets to an insulated lunch box. Simply secure it over your seat, and let your kids have everything they need right in front of them. 

Then when an accident happens, and that water bottle spills all over the back of your seat, or a candy wrapper with melted chocolate gets shoved into a pocket, you will be able to rest easy knowing that clean-up will be simple. All fabrics can get dirty, but not all are as easy to clean! 

Quality Choice, Chosen for You

At Urban Transit™, we know how hard it can be to stay clean and organized in a chaotic society. We chose to use 300D cationic fabric because it improves our products and your life at the same time. It keeps your messy problems out of the car! 

It is important to us that we ensure long-lasting quality products for every kind of person. When deciding what type of material we use for a product, there are tests done, factors discussed, and decisions made in the best interest of you, our customers. 

Bucket Seat Protective Cover

Interested in more? We have many one-of-a-kind durable products that utilize this fabric – see them all at!

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