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Breaking News: Cleaning Can be Convenient!

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Managing the family’s busy schedules, working to make ends meet, and walking the dogs daily can barely leave time for dinner. Is it possible to keep a consistently clean house in the midst of all of that too? Cleaning does not have to be a nuisance! Implement new, simple habits into everyday life to stay clean in the chaos. Read below to learn how to stay organized, get the kids involved, and make cleaning more than a chore!

First Steps to Getting Organized 

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Consider choosing one or two days a week to block off a chunk of time to clean. Random messes will always appear, but having a set time every week to get the house squeaky clean can help put your mind at ease that it will get done eventually. 

Another idea is to walk through the house as the day goes on, grab something that’s out of place, and put it away. A full hour is not always needed to get started on organization! Putting cluttered items away one item at a time will add up by the end of the day. It’s less pressure, and the house will be cleaner. 

And, try keeping the cleaning supplies all in one spot! Get an under-sink organizer or even an old, small bin from the garage to keep all the cleaning necessities together. No more time wasted wondering where the Windex is! Save time and your sanity…

Ease Your Busy Mind

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Set a goal to make the bed at the beginning of every day. Even if the day gets completely hectic, a nicely made bed to crawl into at the end of a busy day is always a wonderful feeling. Exhaustion makes productivity difficult – but it doesn’t have to be that way!

Cleaning a messy house can be a drag – especially if you aren’t even the one making the mess. Lighten up the mood by playing some good tunes and getting a groove on! Making chores fun will help you feel more energized and less drained from the necessary daily activities.

Try challenging your current mindset around cleaning, and work on using cleaning time as a time to take a step back from the day and catch a break. When cleaning, solely focus on that instead of worrying about everything else on the to-do list. Enjoy some therapeutic time alone, knowing that everything will seem better once the house is clean!

Teach the Little Ones

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Tired of doing it all by yourself? 

Kids are always looking up to their parents with a desire to be just like them. Try spending an hour or two with the kids showing them how to help with the daily chores. They will feel special because you trusted them with something, and they will love the time they get to spend with Mom and Dad!

For instance, if one of the kids spills their milk on the carpet, simply ask them to get the cleaner and show them how to clean it. Rather than doing it for them, they will learn a lesson on how to clean up after themselves.

Plus, with your little helper right by your side, you can forget about the multitasking challenge of watching them while also cleaning!

Teaching kids at a young age how to do something as simple as wiping down a table enhances their responsibility skills and expresses the need to stay organized as they get older. Prepare them for the future so that – one day – they can jump in and help out without needing to be asked!

Reap the Benefits 

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Life is simply less stressful when all the ducks are in a row. Take our word for it – after applying these habits to the day-to-day schedule, you’ll find yourself catching a breath much more than you thought possible. Keeping order increases the feeling of control, listening to music while mopping the floors can boost healthful serotonin, and teaching the kids a lesson of responsibility increases confidence in being a good parent. 

It is impossible to plan when a mess will happen, but it is possible to stay prepared for them. Get ready for a new, happier frame of mind by focusing on what can be controlled and implementing healthy habits into everyday life!

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